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Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

The EasyfyCloud CMS runs on our High-Availability Cloud Architecture. 

We take care of all the technicalities of hosting your website, making sure it’s always in high performance mode! 

Your website will be hosted on a Dedicated Cloud Compute Zone (Cluster of servers) with dedicated compute resources (we hate shared hosting). 

High-Availability Replication Systems with Premium Load Balancers, 100 MBPS Connection, SSD Hard Disks, NGINX Premium, Https 2/3, PHP 7.4+, Percona DB / Mysql 8+, 99% Uptime Guarantee, Image Optimization and more!

ZERO Technical Headache

You don’t have to know how to host your website to load fast. 
You don’t have to Install WordPress, Plugins (or) Themes. 
You don’t have to write a single line of code to design anything.

We have taken care of all the technical details – so you don’t have to! 

No worries about Hosting, Page Speed, Caching, Writing Code, Maintenance, Updating Plugins / themes, Security etc.,

EasyfyCloud CMS is a ready-to-use & user-friendly admin-backend with pre-installed & configured plugins & themes. You don’t have to deal with complicated stuff – just click, click and save!

We’ve got you covered with our step-by-step tutorials for using the admin-backend to get you started right away


Easy to Design & Edit

3000+ Ready-to-use Visual Designs & 10,000 Visual customization settings help you to design Stunning Websites, Sliders, Landing Pages, Posts, Forms, Shops & Courses and more.

Designing pages will be a breeze with the Elementor Pro Page Builder (along with premium add-ons). 

No need to be an expert in coding languages like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP etc., just to create a cool looking button effect! Every Single Element on your Website will be editable and beautify-able with a just a few clicks. Have total control on every pixel

Use 1000’s of pre-built websites and template blocks to click, drag & drop your way to  beautiful web pages!

Not to brag, but, this very website you’re looking at right now, is built using the EasyfyCloud CMS in a matter of 4 days


A Great SEO Companion

Let’s face it, SEO is more important than ever because content marketing and organic reach is the cheapest and the best converting strategy you can have to earn more $$$

Rich Snippets & Schema, Custom Meta-data, XML Sitemaps, Search & Social Media Previews, On-page SEO Analysis, Re-directs, On Page Editor Visual SEO etc., help you to go full swing on your technical SEO

There are loads of startups and companies out there (think: wix) offering you easy, drag and drop website builders; but, no one can crack the technical SEO requirements like us.  

Get hands-down the Best SEO setup to make sure you hit first page of Google!

Reliable Customer Care

As you may already know, we’ve been working with corporate & enterprise clients from the past decade. One of the most important aspect that has made us trustworthy with our customers & has kept our business growing is customer service. 

Although the ready-to-use setup & the self-help materials we provide will be more than enough for you to get going without any fuss, we’re always here to help you out. Our Goal is to make your life easier. We always respond back within a 24-48 hour timeline. 

We’ve got a 5-Star customer support team to help you with all your queries and issues. Your Success is Our Success.

Enterprise Level Security

In a world full of hackers, the #1 priority should be to have a world class security system in place. 

Our dedicated security team guards the fort with: Cloud Firewalls, Network Firewalls, weekly OS security patches, Web Application Firewalls and User Security Protocols.  

No more worries about DDoS, XSS & a ton of other vulnerabilities. We do daily threat scanning & provide you with Payment Gateway Compliant Servers with SSL (Https).

Basically, you can sleep peacefully at night because our guardians are here for you.

Standard Features - present in all the plans..

  • Fully Automated SSL (https)
  • Self-Healing Technology
  • Free Weekly Backups
  • 14 Days Backup Retention
  • Full http/2 & http/3 (QUIC) Support
  • Gzip & Brotli Support
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 8+ Region Deployment Support
  • Full Image Optimization Support
  • SEO + Schema Optimization
  • Cloud & Application Firewall
  • User History & Tracking Support
  • Load Balancing
  • Server Side Caching
  • Page Speed Caching
  • 30+ Concurrent Connections (/min)
  • Optimized Mysql DB (Ver. 8+)
  • Optimized PHP (Ver. 7.4+)

Visual Features

Basic Plan

  • World's #1 Page Builder
    (Elementor Pro)
  • 5+ Premium Page Builder Add-ons
  • 400+ Ready-to-use Page and Post Templates
  • 1000+ Ready-to-use Visual Blocks
  • 10000+ Visual Customization Options
  • 1 Million+ Royalty-Free Image Library

Plus Plan

  • All Features from Basic Plan
  • 10+ Premium Page Builder Add-ons
  • Visual Analytics
  • Visual Split Tests

Pro Plan

  • All Features from Plus Plan
  • 15+ Premium Page Builder Add-ons
  • Visual Sheets & Tables
  • 300+ Advanced, Ready-to-use Visual Sliders

Don't know what all of this means for you?

No worries. Let's have a chat about your website's requirements..

There is literally nothing like this on the planet.

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