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A Premium, Ready-to-go, Fully-managed, Cloud-Hosted Solution for Everyone!

Standard Features - present in all the plans..

  • Fully Automated SSL (https)
  • Self-Healing Technology
  • Free Weekly Backups
  • 14 Days Backup Retention
  • Full http/2 & http/3 (QUIC) Support
  • Gzip & Brotli Support
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 8+ Region Deployment Support
  • Full Image Optimization Support
  • SEO + Schema Optimization
  • Network, Application & Cloud Firewall
  • User History & Tracking Support
  • Load Balancing
  • Server Side Caching
  • Page Speed Caching
  • 30+ Concurrent Connections (per min)
  • Optimized Mysql Database (Ver. 8+)
  • Optimized PHP (Ver. 7.4+)

Visual Features

Basic Plan

  • World's #1 Page Builder (Elementor Pro)
  • 5+ Premium Page Builder Add-ons
  • 200+ Ready-to-use Page and Post Templates
  • 1000+ Ready-to-use Visual Blocks
  • 10000+ Visual Customizations & Settings
  • 1 Million+ Royalty-Free Images Library

Plus Plan

  • All Basic Visual Features and..
  • 10+ Premium Page Builder Add-ons
  • Visual Analytics
  • Visual Split Tests

Pro Plan

  • All Plus Visual Features and..
  • 15+ Premium Page Builder Add-ons
  • Visual Sheets & Tables
  • 300+ Visual Sliders (Advanced)

Overage Charges

The SSD high speed Disk Storage and high speed Fiber Optic Bandwidth provided to your website every month is already the best in industry! Most of our customers don’t consume them fully. 

But, if in case you run out of resources, you don’t have to upgrade to a higher & a costlier plan.. All you have to do is upgrade the resource you need.. whether it’s just the disk space (or) the Bandwidth as per your website’s requirements. 

  • Extra SSD Disk Space: $0.2/GB (minimum 20GB)
  • Extra Bandwidth: $0.02/GB (on actuals)

Upgrade Compute

Every plan comes with a certain amount of dedicated compute (CPU & RAM) resources assigned to it in the cloud cluster zone – where your website resides. There will always be a dedicated compute present for your website (and some more will be kept as shared backup for unexpected bursts of traffic). 

But, as your website grows in number of users/visitors, the compute resources required for your website may also increase. This is where the beauty of Cloud Scalability comes into picture. If you ever feel that your admin backend / user frontend is slowing down, then you can simply choose to be on the same plan, but increase the required compute resources as per your website’s requirements. 

Basic Plan

  • 2X Compute Add-on:
  • 3X Compute Add-on:

Plus Plan

  • 2X Compute Add-on:
  • 3X Compute Add-on:

Pro Plan

  • 2X Compute Add-on:
  • 3X Compute Add-on:

There is literally nothing like this on the planet.

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